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What is Amtico flooring?

Amtico is an LVT (laminate vinyl tile) crafted in Britain, in their specialist factory in Coventry.  Its multiple heat laminated layers give strength and durability, and the crowning quality is the urethane layer which not only eliminates the need to polish but also enhances durability and is easy to clean. There are three ranges; Amtico Spacia, Amtico Form and Amtico Signature each offering different design options and price bands. 

Is Amtico flooring waterproof?

Yes all Amtico flooring are 100% waterproof making Amtico an ideal choice for all rooms in your home.

Is Amtico flooring good for dogs?

Amtico is scuff and stain resistant.  It is scratch resistant rather than scratch proof but minor scratches can be repaired by using an approved Amtico Cleaner and larger scratches can be rectified by removing and replacing the damaged tile or plank.  Amtico cleaner can be purchased from the Floor Coverings showroom.

Can Amtico flooring be laid on top of tiles?

With suitable floor preparation, Amtico can be fitted over most tiles but a home visit to inspect and measure will be the only way to be sure.  We offer free, no obligation quotes if you’re within 25 miles of Cambridge.

 What is Amtico flooring made of?

Amtico is a laminate vinyl tile.  It consists of resin and plasticisers compressed under high temperatures and pressures to produce a thin, highly durable product.

Can Amtico flooring be repaired?

Yes, damage to an Amtico flooring can be easily repaired by removing the damaged tiles or planks and replacing with new. For example if a kitchen island has been removed leaving a gap in the flooring, here at Floor Coverings we can match up and fit the exact same flooring for a seamless finish.

How is Amtico flooring laid?

Amtico needs to be laid onto an even, dry and clean surface.  Our team will review the condition of your subfloor.  Click Smart products can be laid on top of existing floors, or you may choose a design option where gluedown is preferential.   Amtico offer a warranty on their products when they are purchased through a recognised retailer and installed by an Amtico endorsed fully trained fitter.  At Floor Coverings all our Amtico fitters have successfully trained with Amtico installation training.  Floor Coverings are a recognised retailer and we have their entire range on display.

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