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Inspiration for Flooring in Cambridge

"Sometimes, all you need is an idea.
Floor Covering's staff will give you an idea and a way to achieve it in your home."

Living Room

Rest, play, entertain – the hub of so many evenings, your living room is a space to be savoured and enjoyed.  Floor Coverings can show you how even the most tired looking of living rooms can be truly transformed through our flooring.  Whether that is the cosseting feel of luxury carpets, the hardwood feel of solidity and age or the designer appeal of our many other flooring types, we’ll give you the love back for a room you’ll want to spend longer in.


Said to be the heart of a home, particularly in the United Kingdom where Al Fresco dining opportunities are often few and far between.  We’ve worked wonders on kitchen floors across the county and beyond.  Practical, stylish, elegant, sophisticated, simple or luxuriously appealing, we have a choice of kitchen flooring to suit all tastes.  Why not take inspiration from some of our work and allow us to cast our magic on your kitchen.  If you’re looking for Amtico Flooring in Cambridge, we’re the region’s Amtico One Partner with a full Amtico Design Studio.  We’re also Cambridge’s Karndean Flooring Platinum Retailers, the mark of true expertise and fitting excellence.


The spa of your home.  Sumptuous or simple, complex or cutting edge, modern lines or traditional chic, your bathroom should be a haven you want to retreat to and relieve the stresses of the day.  What better way to do so than to be greeted with flooring that lifts a bathroom above anything you could wish for?  Our staff are experienced enough to know what’ll work but understanding enough to know we all have our own idea of heaven.  Indulge in our ideas…


Everyone deserves a bedroom they want to go to at the end of the day.  At Floor Coverings, we believe in creating bedroom flooring you’ll want to look at much more often.  Some prefer the hard-wearing and easy to maintain look of hard flooring, others want a bedroom their feet crave the soft feel of.  Whatever your preference, we’ve made an art of turning bedroom floors into just that – art.


Stairs do more than allow you to walk from floor to floor, they add drama and create atmosphere when they’re covered in the right materials.  Today, your choice of stair coverings is limitless, from hard-flooring to runner-held carpets of sophisticated style.  We take the humble staircase and make it into an occasion, taking great delight in those twists and turns that challenge your average flooring provider.  We’ll make it look effortless.


Arrive in style with a hallway floor covering from Floor Coverings. Your hallway endures a lot in the average household, so why settle for anything less than exceptional? Whether it’s upstairs or downstairs, we can help you transform your space. Choosing the right flooring for your hallway can make a significant and effortless impression on anyone who enters your home.

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