Spring has sprung – 4 ways to welcome Spring into your home

The daffodils are out, snowdrops are blooming and the days are getting longer – that can only mean one thing in the UK, Spring is here.

Time to emerge out of the short wintery days and long dark nights, and into some warmer, longer (and hopefully sunnier) days.

It’s the perfect time to refresh your home with a little uplift with some new flooring. We’re talking brighter colours, lighter woods and fun happy patterns to give your home (and you) a boost.

Image credit: Crucial Trading, Hartley Tissier, Alternative Flooring

Freshen up: Think about going lighter. Look at lighter wood, or Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) flooring to help lift the room, Amtico has recently launched their second installment in the Décor range in collaboration with The National Trust, with some beautiful new colours and patterns, perfect for a new season switch up.

A light oak, or even white or ash would really help lift the floor and room, it can add space and light to what would otherwise be a small darker room.

Add colour: Time to lose the wintery colour palette, and bring in brighter pops of colour throughout. Find inspiration in the vibrant blossoms surrounding you; daffodils, crocuses, and tulips offer a splendid spectrum of hues! Think bright yellows, perfect pinks and playful purples.

There are some fabulous striped carpets out there which bring in a variety of Spring like colours for you to choose from. 

Both Hartley Tissier and Roger Oates excel in wonderfully bright flat weaves for your staircases. Plain, herringbone and striped are all options here. 

And if you’re looking for just a small uplift, how about a brightly coloured rug. Did you know we can make a rug out of any carpet? – just need to add a border or trim to it. Alternative flooring have a wonderful selection to choose from.

Bring in the garden: Introduce Spring-themed decor items such as floral-patterned wallpaper, carpets, cushions, tablecloths, or wall art featuring nature scenes. You can also incorporate decorative elements like bird figurines, butterfly motifs, or wreaths made with Spring foliage. Alternative Flooring do a fabulous flower carpet range in a variety of different colour ways. Bring in the flower power!

Why not decorate your house with Spring blooms that don’t cost the earth, fill a vase with freshly cut daffodils and give new life to your houseplants by welcoming in some fresh air.

Spring clean: Declutter and deep clean your home to give it a fresh start for the season. Clear out any lingering winter items and organise your space to make room for the new energy of Spring. Open up the windows to let some fresh air through the house and give the windows a good clean to let the natural light shine through.

Now is the perfect time to keep your floors looking fresh and give them a good clean. There’s no point in spending money on beautiful flooring if you don’t take care of it. Check out our handy guide on how best to maintain your floors.

By incorporating these elements into your home decor, you can create a welcoming and rejuvenating space that celebrates the arrival of Spring, and be sure to take pleasure out of the simple things that come with the arrival of Spring the warm fresh air, longer days and bright flowers.