Summer Trends: Nautical

Summer Trends: Nautical

Here in the UK we are most definitely ready for it to be Summer. Time to blow up the paddling pools, dig out the buckets and spades and pour yourself a nice chilled rosé. Let’s welcome those summery vibes into our homes.

Coastal hues can create a sense of calm and comfort within the home.

‘Blue is often associated with calmness, serenity, and tranquility. It’s the colour of the sky and the ocean, both of which are often seen as calming and peaceful.’

Whether we go for calming blues, or colourful deckchair stripes, there are plenty of ways we can inject a little ‘seaside’ into our homes with these floor coverings…

Seaside Stripes

Adams Carpets have a range of striped carpets aptly named ‘Deckchair’ featuring 6 different colour ways all named after some of the UK’s beautiful beaches. These are all 2 ply twist and velvet yarn for outstanding performance. They can be laid as a full floor covering (carpet), stair runner or even made into a rug. 

Adams Carpets
Deck Chair, Lulworth Cove

Alternative Flooring are one of our favourite go-to for quirky designs and fabulous carpets. Their Margo Selby Stripe Carpet range is perfect for injecting a little sunshine into your home. Available in multiple beach themed colourways, including; Surf, Sun, Frolic and Rock. We love them all!

Margo Selby Stripe Surf
Margo Selby, Surf

We couldn’t mention stripes without including Roger Oates, our flatweave stair runner specialist. Their huge range of eye catching striped stair runners look fabulous, and a great way to jazz up the stairs whilst adding a touch of nautical style to your home.

Roger Oats, Cranborne Ciel

Blue hues & Tropical Turquoise

When we envision the sea, we imagine its various shades and tones of blue. Whether you prefer a darker hue reminiscent of the deep ocean or stormy seas, or opt for a vibrant turquoise resembling tropical waters and white sandy beaches, all these colours evoke a charmingly nautical feel. 

Westex have such a huge range of colours available, their Sea Foam and Seaspray are perfectly named. Both of which are available as Ultima Twist carpets, 80% premium wool blend 2 fold tufted yarn.

Westex even offer a Special Dye Service to match any colour. So if you are looking for a specific shade or tone then this is a great way to find it. 

Ulster Carpets
Ulster Carpets

This swirling design from Ulster Carpets in ‘Electric’ as part of their Natura range, looks just like the sea, we love the different shades of blue here creating a lovely depth to the carpet.

Take a look at some of these wonderfully calming shades of blue…

Rugs: A great way of injecting some seasonal style into your home is with a rug. Did you know we can make any carpet into a rug? Simply choose your carpet colour, brand and style, choose your binding or whipping and ta dah!

Other ways to add a coastal touch to your home…

Nautical Accents: Incorporating accents like ship wheels, anchors, and buoys into your decor, either as standalone pieces or as motifs on textiles and wall art.

Subtle Seaside Vibes: Rather than going overboard with obvious nautical elements, many people are opting for a more subtle coastal vibe, using soft blues, whites, and sandy neutrals.

Ocean-inspired Artwork: Artwork featuring ocean scenes, sea life, and coastal landscapes adds a serene and nautical touch to any space.

Weathered Finishes: Furniture and decor with weathered and distressed finishes add a rustic and beachy charm to the space.

Light and Airy Textiles: Using lightweight, airy fabrics like linen and cotton in soft, beachy colours adds to the relaxed coastal feel.

Seashells and Driftwood: Incorporating seashells, driftwood, and other beachcombing finds into your decor adds a natural and authentic coastal touch.

Nautical Lighting: Using lighting fixtures inspired by nautical elements, such as rope-wrapped pendants or lantern-style sconces, can enhance the coastal theme.

If you’re seeking to infuse your home with coastal flooring vibes, visit our showroom to discover inspiration. We believe carpets should be experienced firsthand to fully appreciate their texture and appearance. 

Come and explore our huge range of carpets, we are open Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm.

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