Amtico Decor Flooring

Amtico Decor Flooring

How do you retain a classic look on feel, particularly in period or older homes, but get the quality and durability of modern flooring?

Amtico Decor is a new and exclusive premium flooring collection that combines an elegant and timeless Victorian style with the durable and long-lasting benefits you expect from Amtico’s Signature range of luxury vinyl tiles.

Amtico say:

“There are two traits of this nostalgic era that are particularly close to our hearts at Amtico; the confident and stylish use of patterns and a focus on quality materials and finishes. Everything was incredibly well made with a focus on hand-made and hand-carved, which we now see reflected in the trend for artisan. Understated, yet intricate styled and carefully detailed, Décor offers an opportunity to introduce a flavour of this period into your home in a tasteful and stylish way that suits the practical demands of modern living.

The heritage-inspired designs of are based on original designs from the Amtico archives and combine a contemporary and classic colour palette, with rediscovered patterns to create a flooring choice that works well in both modern and traditional schemes.

There are six versatile and stunning designs within the collection, providing a mix of traditional and contemporary styles with complementary borders and edging tiles to complete the look.”

The photograph above is from a Floor Covering’s customer home where we’ve installed the Amtico Decor flooring in a hallway and you’d be forgiven for thinking it was original Victorian tiling that had been covered and un-walked on since the day it was fitted! Simply stunning, elegant and a very classy finish from a top quality flooring product.

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