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Before & After Flooring Photographs!

Time for a classic selection of before and after shots from customer flooring installations we’ve completed recently.

The featured photograph above shows the preparation process before laying this stunning bathroom flooring:

Bathroom flooring Cambridge

Then we have the preparation of another bathroom, this time with a completely different look and feel.

Bathroom flooring Cambridge

Getting the perfect finish of a level and smooth surface is essential before laying the floor to give a finished result like this:

Bathroom flooring Cambridge

We’ll end with the fitting of a fabulous stair carpet that lifts the feel, style and practicality of a staircase. First you have the underlay and ensuring the exceptional fit of it (often underestimated in terms of how critical it is that this process is done properly):

Then you have the laying of the stair carpet itself…

You can view all of the above featured products at our showroom on the outskirts of Cambridge in Dry Drayton. We have two huge floors of flooring, carpets, rugs and other products that help you to achieve the home of your dreams.

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