Karndean Bathroom Flooring Cambridge

The best flooring company in Cambridge?

We like to think we’re the best. However, we love the fact that our customers seem to think the same by keeping us as busy as they have been!

We have had yet another hectic week in Cambridge and beyond, installing such a wide and varied range of flooring that we often find ourselves wondering what people did before the choice was so huge!

We’ve been in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Essex installing flooring of late and thought you’d like to see a few photos of what we’ve been up to!

To begin with, who doesn’t love a fabulous Amtico bathroom floor?

Next, good quality, outstanding fitting, fabulous feel and sumptuous look – little beats the feel of carpet underfoot on a staircase on a cold morning!

Next we have the unmistakable effect of hardwood flooring

If you’re looking for the classic and timeless impact of Parquet flooring without the maintenance, look no further than luxury vinyl tiles in the form of Karndean flooring. This masterpiece of flooring gives you all the quality of parquet with the durability of a modern flooring solution.

Staying on the subject of luxury vinyl tiles, they’re also the perfect flooring for a kitchen, utility room or bathroom, as is brilliantly demonstrated in this photograph of a recent Amtico flooring installation at a customer’s home in Cambridge.

Would you think this floor was traditional tiling? It isn’t – it is yet again the marvel of Karndean flooring in a bathroom!

Karndean flooring is an astonishingly durable and long lasting product that brings the look of wood flooring to any home without any of the maintenance and seasonal issues that hardwood flooring can bring.

The qualities of Karndean or Amtico flooring won’t suit every style and taste – and that’s why we offer a huge selection of 100% wool and other carpet options for the home. From Westex to Roger Oates stair runners, Crucial Trading to Alternative Flooring carpets, we have every possible choice for you.

And that brings us to a photograph that amply demonstrates the plushness, warmth and cosseting feel that only carpet can give in a bedroom.

As you can see, if you’re looking for the best flooring company in Cambridge, we’re trusted by hundreds of customers every year and we have been incredibly busy – as these photographs are all from the last week and don’t cover all the installations we’ve done!

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