Karndean Korlok Flooring Cambridge

Commercial Flooring in Cambridge

We take on some very large commercial flooring assignments. This one, recently completed in Cambridge, shows that Karndean is as popular in an office and environment as it is in the home.

We began by using Hippo entrance matting, a brilliant and practical solution for a heavily used area that takes the brunt of workers dirty footwear!

As with any job, preparing a surface properly is essential before laying the Hippo matting.

A lovely deep blue colour for ease of maintenance as you can see!

Then, we moved on to preparing the floor for the fantastic Karndean Korlok flooring.

You can’t afford to rush things even if the space you’re faced with is as huge as this was! Key to a qood quality Karndean flooring installation is the preparation time!

Once you get to the installation of the planks, attention to detail needs to be just as painstaking!

Finally, the finished office looks superb (even if we say so ourselves!).

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