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Creating a cosy kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, in this article we will share tips and tricks on creating a cosy kitchen. Kitchens are not only used for cooking meals, they are a staple in family life, hosting visitors for a cup of tea, sharing a crossword puzzle over the morning coffee and more.

Whether your kitchen is large or small, these tips will help create those comforting, warm kitchen vibes.

  1. Lighting – adding lamps or under-cupboard lighting to avoid having the glaring big light on all the time is a great way to set the mood and create an inviting kitchen.
  1. Adding a rug – kitchens are all smooth surfaces and hard corners. Adding soft furnishings such as a rug not only makes the kitchen cosier, it can also help sound padding as it insulates the sound of footsteps or utensils on the countertop. You can create bespoke rugs on our website perfect for your space.
  1. Using Wood – natural materials like wood are great to bring the room in, be that shelving or cabinets, or the favourite wooden flooring. Check out our range of hard flooring for that classic British kitchen look.
  1. Plants – while we utilise plants around the house in other rooms, usually kitchens are missed off this list. Plants in the kitchen can be as simple as growing some potted herbs on the windowsill, or some long leafy greens on a shelf such as a string of hearts. They not only create a homely feel, but they are very calming and can even purify the air.
  1. Earthy Colours – move over grey – earth tones are in! Using warm, earthy tones such as a dark brown or maroon can bring a touch of nature indoors, and helps create a soothing space.

If you’re building a kitchen from scratch, think about cabinet placement and using seating spaces to bring the room in, but these quick tips above are a great way to create a cosy kitchen perfect for those nights in at home. 

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