QuckStep Laminate flooring Cambridge

Quickstep Signature Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring isn’t all the same, far from it. We’ve recently installed the superb Quickstep laminate flooring from their Signature range and this best-of-breed laminate shows just what can be achieved when you take a top-quality product, combine it with good choice of finish for the room and add our specialist fitters to complete the puzzle.

We’ve been retailing and installing Quickstep laminate flooring since 1996 and there isn’t a single scenario we’ve not had to deal with.

The advantage of such a well-made product is that it is perfect for low-maintenance, high quality and stunning looks in all environments.

The recent installation in Cambridge began like this…

Laminate flooring Cambridge

Finished like this…

Laminate flooring Cambridge

You can see the full range of Quickstep Signature laminate flooring in our Cambridge showroom in the Dry Drayton area and we’d be delighted to show you how we can design an installation to fit your precise needs, leaving you with the floor of your dreams.

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