Floor Coverings carpet display

Revamp of our 1st floor showroom

We have recently had a revamp on the first floor of our showroom which houses all our carpet samples.  We are delighted to show off our brand, spanking new rails which house our beautiful flatweave options by Roger Oates and Hartley & Tissier. .

 We have sold and fitted Roger Oates bespoke runners for many, many years.  Our fitters are Roger Oates trained to ensure perfect precision installation.  Roger Oates create their unique rugs and runners from 100% British wool and they’re based right here in Britain.    They develop their flatweave with an ethos firmly rooted in heritage and craftsmanship and use experimentation in colour, pattern and texture to maintain a contemporary edge.  Flatweave floor coverings were historically a plain colour with no pattern but Roger Oates has revolutionised this offering to create vibrant stripes to suit all households.  

Hartley & Tissier were formed in 2007 after Hartley’s of Paris success since 1995.  The partnership has enabled their concept to be more accessible globally.    They combine French creation with traditional English know-how to produce beautiful English flatweave carpets right here in Yorkshire.  Their flatweave options also offer striking designs with vibrant colours.

Both offer a bespoke design service, creating custom-made floor coverings for you.  The magical thing about both these company’s is that the floor covering they produce as a runner on your stairs is created uniquely for your stairwell, so the stripes follow the natural twists and turns of your stairs, so the stripes never run out on a step.  They flow throughout the whole installation.  Check out the photo above of a stunning blue runner on our pretend stairs in the showroom.  This shows the stripes lining up perfectly as the stairs twist

 Both floor coverings can also be made into bespoke rugs, unique to your dimensions.  

So if you’re looking for something a bit fancy (and they are more expensive than your normal carpet) then pop in and see, touch and admire our new stand.

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