Top flooring trends for 2024

Retro carpets and hardwood floors are making a comeback….

Sustainability, inclusivity, and an appreciation for nostalgia are some of the values that will inspire and influence your choice this year. Let’s take a look at what products and trends can inspire you and your interior design choices for 2024.

Retro carpet comeback: Think big patterns, flowers, and wonderful vibrant patterns. The renewed demand for vintage furnishings is begging us to leave the plain grey carpets behind and take a leap into some vibrant pattern. Stripes, florals, geometric designs and even animal print are all fun choices for jazzy carpets.

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Warm wood finishes: The timeless appeal of a natural looking wood finish that brings the natural beauty of the outdoors inside is returning with renewed focus on warmth and authenticity. Creating a natural and realistic warm wood effect with the use of LVT is proving to be the most popular option.

The key advantage of these wood-look LVT floors lies in their ability to capture the natural beauty of wood while avoiding the challenges associated with real wood, such as maintenance, cost, and environmental impact. Both Amtico and Karndean offer a huge range of lovely wood effect flooring. 

Stone and Tile finishes: Mirroring that of a rustic farmhouse feel, or the sleek sophistication of porcelain. LVT flooring can do this wonderfully, without the associated costs and complicated installation process. LVT brands such as Amtico and Karndean provide really lifelike options, instantly adding luxury to your room with a marble finish, or charm to your kitchen with natural stone. 

Sustainable choices: The shift towards eco-friendly flooring is a significant trend in response to growing environmental awareness. Consumers and businesses alike are increasingly seeking sustainable and environmentally friendly options for flooring. We all want to do our bit, and make eco friendly choices. Whether that’s how they are made, transported or the longevity of the material – there are lots of ways to be more eco-conscious when it comes to interior design.

LVT seems to be the most popular choice for sustainability. Some are made from recycled materials and produced through sustainable practices. They tend to come with enhanced durability, ensuring a longevity that other flooring may not. 

Some of our most popular LVT suppliers; Amtico and Karndean have a sustainability pledge as part of their company strategy outlining their approach to waste, supply chain transparency and empowering people, their wellbeing and professional growth.

Hardwood: The timeless charm of weathered wood, adorned with saw marks, knots, and rich grain, continues to be a robust favourite. The traditional herringbone pattern is currently in vogue, imparting a sense of visual dynamism and texture, resulting in an overall sophisticated and elegant aesthetic. Hardwood flooring is chosen for its appearance, and longevity.

Bold and Unique patterned LVT: An opportunity to inject some personality into your space through pattern and vibrant colour. Many choose to start with a small space such as a toilet or bathroom. There are lots of variety to choose from, and in most cases you can choose how these get laid, the colour combos and any extra motifs or borders you might like. A great opportunity to add a flair of fun into your space.

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Our showroom in Dry Drayton is the largest (by far) in the Cambridgeshire region, where you can take a look at all the various products and samples to see what fits in your home. We even have the Amtico room visualiser where you can have a play around with the various styles, colours, laying patterns and see what its going to look like in a room of your choosing, or even your own room. We’re open Monday – Saturday 9-5pm.

We look forward to seeing what 2024 brings in design and inspiration, and what our customers choose for their new homes and home transformations.

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