How suitable is Amtico flooring for dogs

Amtico Flooring and Dogs!

Amtico flooring isn’t just loved by people – pets love it too! The dog in this photographs loves nothing more than to take a well-earned rest on this Amtico floor almost every day!

In all seriousness though, pets and Amtico are well suited to each other. The sheer quality, durability, ease of maintenance and years of design that have gone into Amtico luxury vinyl tiles make it the perfect choice of households with pets.

What’s more, you’d be very hard pushed to tell the difference between an Amtico Basketweave floor and the real thing – but you’ll certainly find the Amtico solution to be a lot easier to look after!

As Cambridge’s only Amtico One Retail Partner, with fully Amtico trained master fitters, you can see the entire range in our Cambridge flooring showroom.

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