Cambridge sunset

It isn’t all about flooring..

Every now and again, things happen that make you realise how much you love working and living in an area.

We love Cambridgeshire and the surrounding regions.

Recently, we were out for a walk when we spotted the full moon illuminating the late afternoon sky to the extent that it was shimmering far beyond what this photograph (and our limited skills) could ever show!

Cambridge Full Moon

The following day, again whilst out for a walk, this was the sunset that we witnessed. It was absolutely glorious. Warm and glowing, completely enveloping the landscape in a deep orange glow.

They’re the type of events that put a bounce in your step and make you grateful for living in such a beautiful area.

We hope you’ve all been keeping safe during what has been a very challenging 12 months and lets hope that the beauty of these images is a sign of better days to come soon!

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