Who makes the best laminate flooring?

Who makes the best laminate flooring?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that all laminate flooring is the same, but it isn’t. In the same way that one car is better engineered than another, the quality and longetivity of laminate flooring varies hugely.

However, when it comes to who makes the best laminate flooring, in our opinion there is only one clear winner – QuickStep.

Who makes the best laminate flooring?

From their Classic Oak Natural finish to Soft Oak Grey, nothing comes even close to the quality of QuickStep. We’ve been installing it for over 20 years and when you do it that much you see and feel the difference to an extent where it is head and shoulders above everything else.

If you’re looking for laminate floor and you want nothing but the best laminate flooring, there’s only one manufacturer to pick. QuickStep won’t let you down and we’d be delighted to show you their full range.

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