Giving back and reducing waste

As a company, where possible, we are trying to make more eco-conscious decisions and due to this we decided to change the way we send our festive wishes. Instead of a physical Christmas card this year we turned to the wonders of digital.  

On the back of the savings made we will be donating £5000 to a local charity that we hold dear to our hearts and serves a fantastic cause, it is Cambridge Children’s Hospital (CCH).  CCH is the first dedicated children’s hospital in our region integrating mental and physical healthcare with provision for intensive care. 

This new hospital is undergoing collaborative design with the involvement of young individuals, families, and healthcare professionals. Whenever feasible, facilities will be seamlessly integrated, acknowledging that numerous children and young people dealing with mental health conditions also experience physical health issues, and vice versa. This approach will allow staff to deliver improved and safer, age-appropriate care within high-quality, purpose-built facilities that cater to the needs of children, young individuals, and families.

The East of England remains the sole region in England lacking a dedicated children’s hospital. Families frequently embark on long journeys for specialised care, incurring expenses and leading to unfavourable experiences. A regional center of excellence is essential for the 1.5 million children and young people residing across the six counties.

Currently Addenbrooke’s Hospital serves as the primary provider of highly specialised care for young patients in the East of England, receiving 80% of its ‘specialist activity’ through referrals from local and district hospitals. Cambridge Children’s Hospital will act as a hub for regional hospitals and community practices, providing and supporting outreach services. 

You can keep up to date with their latest news and plans.

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