Spotlight on Karndean Design Flooring

Image credit: Karndean

Karndean flooring has become a household name for many, its authentic look and feel create a luxurious feel to any room. It features the style and character of wood and stone flooring but with all the advantages of LVT. 

It has been a popular choice for our customers for over 25 years now, and we know that will long continue. 

The large range of diverse colours and styles ensures it effortlessly complements various décors. Its clear wear layer, design layer and robust backing make it a favoured choice for active households.

But with other choices on the market why would you choose Karndean?

Ease of Cleaning: Karndean stands out for its simplicity in maintenance compared to other wood flooring options. Crafted from vinyl, it eliminates the need for specialised cleaners or sealants. Spills are easily wiped away with a damp cloth.

Durability in Busy Homes: In the face of daily wear and tear, Karndean proves resilient. Constructed from durable PVC, it resists scratches and stains. Its low-maintenance aspect is accentuated by the absence of the need for costly cleaning solutions or waxes. A damp mop and mild soap suffice to keep the floors looking pristine.

When you have a family, there’s a heightened awareness of your environmental footprint. Karndean carries a comprehensive Global GreenTag™ certification, indicating that the majority of the products undergo assessment and certification to meet stringent standards for low-emission volatile organic compounds and indoor air quality. Additionally, the adhesives are devoid of harmful emissions, ensuring that you contribute to environmental preservation while safeguarding the well-being of your family.

Affordability Compared to Real Wood: As an LVT it offers an appealing and economical alternative to hardwood floors. Comprising a blend of virgin and recycled PVC and thermoplastic materials, it’s not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. Easily customisable to fit any space, LVT floors, on the whole, resist staining and fading, making them a practical choice for active families.

Compatibility with Underfloor Heating: Engineered to work seamlessly with underfloor heating systems, the company provides a variety of products, including tiles and planks, suitable for this purpose. Simple installation ensures a quick setup, offering warmth and potential energy savings.

Simplicity in Replacement and Repair: Karndean’s PVC composition renders it highly resistant to damage. In the event of any issues, the flooring is easy to replace and repair, providing homeowners with a durable and manageable solution.

Aesthetic Appeal: Coming in a huge variety of shades, textures and even patterns, it has plenty to offer. Their wood finishes are extremely aesthetically life-like Whilst their patterned heritage range is designed to give that luxurious look of classic geometric tiles in your home.

As a select approved partner of Karndean Design flooring here at Floor Coverings we have a wonderful display at our showroom, including a visualiser where you can see what Karndean flooring will look like in your own home before making any decisions. Along with Karndean we supply and fit other LVT brands such as Amtico.

Our showroom is open Monday – Saturday 9-5pm.

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